We believe hacking can be a force for good.

Penetration testing, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity consulting in Scotland.


We help SMEs identify and remediate I.T security vulnerabilities.

We are ethical hackers on a mission to secure your assets from cybercriminals. We’ve been hacking for a long time, and we know a thing or two about gaining access to phones, computers, networks, and servers.

Our work involves simulating attacks against your I.T systems, identifying and reporting vulnerabilities, and helping you harden your defences against cybercriminals.

The idea of working with a team of hackers might sound strange at first, or even frightening. But as anyone with cybersecurity experience will tell you: the only way to secure your organisation is to see the world through the eyes of a hacker. 


How it works.


We are experienced and qualified ethical hackers.

We are penetration testers specialising in the infiltration and exploitation of networks, websites, phones, email servers, and people.


We identify vulnerabilities in your I.T infrastructure.

We simulate ‘soft’ attacks against your systems and report any vulnerabilities we uncover.

STEP Three

We'll help you remediate any security risks we identify.

Our cybersecurity professionals will help fix any vulnerabilities we find in your I.T systems.


Our Services.

Our cybersecurity consultancy service aims to make certified security consultants available to small and medium-sized businesses. Our consultants will work with your team to formulate a security strategy, implement policies and procedures, and integrate security software to protect your organisation from cybercriminals.


Why work with us?

Direct access to our cybersecurity experts.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you need someone who has your interests at heart. That’s why our clients are given direct access to cybersecurity experts. So whether you just want to run something by us or discuss a problem you are experiencing, our team are happy to help.

Real-time reports through your client portal.

Until now, cybersecurity deliverables were lengthy, jargon-packed reports with little insight on how you can improve your organisation’s security. That’s why we developed our client portal, allowing you to see the vulnerabilities we uncover in real-time, visualise the data through graphs and charts, and view comments made by our penetration testers.

Legislated and contractually binded.

We believe that trust and personal relationships are the foundation of sound cybersecurity. Our penetration testers abide by U.K law when carrying out our assessments and under no circumstances will we violate the terms of your agreement with us. Furthermore, we will never carry out an assessment if we feel there is a risk of causing damage to your infrastructure. 


Client feedback.

The service provided by the team at Blue Matrix Security is second to none. I am eternally grateful for their support with some serious security challenges we experienced with one of our websites. The team were instrumental in helping us get our website back up and running, and they have gone above and beyond what I expected in terms of service. I cannot thank and recommend Blue Matrix Security highly enough for their professionalism, regular updates, and tenacity.

Christine P.


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