About Blue Matrix Security

Blue Matrix Security is a cybersecurity consultancy based in Scotland. Our primary clientele includes small to medium-sized businesses, as well as executives and high net worth individuals. 

We are hackers by trade, but instead of hacking for malicious purposes, we believe that hacking can be a force for good. Our job is to identify vulnerabilities in your I.T infrastructure and remediate them before cybercriminals can launch an attack against you.

Trust isn’t a word that’s thrown around too often in the security sector, but to us, it’s fundamental. 

That’s why we don’t believe in using scare tactics to make a quick buck, and we avoid baffling our clients with industry jargon. You can count on us not to sell you anything you don’t need, to explain everything we do through simple language, and to use everything we have at our disposal to keep your assets safe.

We love hacking. As an intellectual pursuit, it’s second to none. It’s challenging, riveting, and totally all-consuming. And, once you get a taste, you can’t stop coming back for more. To us, ethical hacking isn’t a mere job; it’s a way of life.

We are experienced and certified cybersecurity consultants.

From exploiting wireless networks to penetrating sophisticated web applications, we live and breathe hacking. Our consultants specialise in narrow subsectors of security, such as network security, disinformation, and social engineering, and are experts in their craft.

We practice strict operational security.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with clients. Therefore we implement strict operational security measures that are designed to protect your privacy whilst working with our consultants.

Here to help you.

Our customer service is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5 pm. If you are experiencing a cyberattack and require urgent assistance, please contact your account manager.