Cybersecurity Consulting.

Work with us to secure your organisation from cybercriminals.


Harden your organisation's defences.

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, with some studies showing the field has 0% unemployment. However, the soaring demand for talented professionals has left a huge vacuum, with thousands of organisations unable to fill cybersecurity-related vacancies. 

That’s why Blue Matrix introduced our cybersecurity consulting service. Instead of your organisation having to hunt for cybersecurity professionals, we can bring them to you on a consultancy basis.

Our consultants can be hired to formulate your organisation’s cybersecurity strategy, implement systems and advanced security software packages, and devise new staff policies that limit your risk whilst minimising any disruption caused to your team.

Our consultants have attained the relevant cybersecurity-related certifications (such as Security+ or Pentest+) and have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, we implement strict operational security measures to further protect your organisation from compromise. 


What are the risks facing organisations?

Social engineering is one of the most common attack vectors.

Social engineering is the act of manipulating your staff to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do, and it’s frighteningly effective. Our consultants will use tried and tested methodologies to help you combat this prominent threat. 

Ransomware is one of the biggest challenges we face.

A single ransomware attack can be enough to render an entire organisation’s I.T systems unusable. Our consultants will work with you to harden your organisation from ransomware attacks.

Having inadequate security damages your reputation.

In the aftermath of a cyberattack, one of the consequences that organisations must contend with is negative media attention. Having inadequate security in place is the perfect subject matter for journalists looking for a headline.

Our Service.

What does our consulting service include?

Having a cybersecurity strategy in place is essential to deter and mitigate the threats posed by your adversary. Our consulting service is designed to provide your organisation with holistic support, ranging from strategy formulation to systems implementation.

Having a well-defined cybersecurity strategy is proven to help you deter, identify, and respond to cyberattacks. Our team of security experts will conduct threat modelling exercises and identify adversaries and threats specific to you. Then, we’ll help you to formulate a robust cybersecurity plan to shield your assets.

We’ll identify the assets which are mission-critical for the success of your business, and explore how they could be attacked by your adversaries. Then, we’ll act as your very own CISO, and work with you to create a cybersecurity strategy for your organisation.

Well managed systems are the cornerstone of any cybersecurity strategy. As part of our consulting service, our team will help your organisation implement systems that are designed to improve your security. These systems could be as simple as a clean-desk policy, or a logging and monitoring system. Other systems aim to mitigate the risk of insider threats; where the compromise of a staff member leads to the compromise of the entire organisation.

Nonetheless, we’ll work with your team to implement proven, workable systems whilst minimising the disruption to your organisations.

Finally, we’ll work with you to mitigate common vulnerabilities that we find in I.T systems. This could involve using an anti-phishing tool to protect your staff, installing intrusion detection systems, or implementing AI-based end-point protection software.

We’ll implement a ‘defence in depth’ approach; with multiple layers of protection placed between your assets and your adversaries. The choice of methods and technologies we deploy are entirely dependant on the needs of our clients, with each client receiving tailored solutions.


Our simple four step process.


Free consultation with our security experts.

Our initial meeting presents an opportunity to identify threats facing your organisation and identify what can be done to secure 


We'll plan our assessment and seek your approval.

You’ll be required to sign our statement of work agreement, which outlines what we’ll work on during our engagement.

STEP Three

We'll implement security policies & solutions.

We’ll implement new policies and I.T systems based on industry best practices, and help manage your organisation’s response to threats.


Let's work together to secure your assets.

There’s no harm in talking. Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.