Executive Security.

Specialist protection for executives, high net worth individuals, and public figures.


Protect yourself from sophisticated cybercriminals.

Cybercriminals have realised that large organisations are becoming more difficult to attack, and therefore have shifted their attention to targeting high net worth individuals and public figures instead.

Recent research has shown that three-quarters of high net worth individuals and public figures have been targeted by cybercriminals. And, worryingly, the attacks tend to be highly sophisticated; including character assassination attempts, extortion, and the infiltration of your phone and personal computers to steal information.

That’s why we created our executive security package. Upon signing up, our team of ethical hackers will simulate ‘soft’ attacks against your mobile phone, email accounts, social media accounts, networks, and personal computers.  We’ll then report any security vulnerabilities that we find and mitigate any risks that are present.

We abide by strict legal and contractual standards, and your personal data and computer systems will be protected during our assessment. We work within a clearly defined scope, allowing you to specify what we can and cannot do during our assessment.

Our experienced ethical hackers are trusted by executives and public figures across the U.K, and our executive security package will give you the peace of mind you need to conduct your daily business without the overhanging fear of data leaks, extortion attempts, and disinformation campaigns. 


What are the risks facing executives and public figures?

Cybercriminals can eavesdrop on your personal affairs and publish private information.

Even minor security mistakes can be enough to give a hacker access to your phone, email account, or home network. Once a hacker has infiltrated your devices, they can eavesdrop on your communications and publish private information on the public internet.

The attacks against high net worth individuals tend to be highly sophisticated.

Unlike attacks against small businesses and the general public, cybercriminals targeting executives and public figures tend to be well researched, resourced, and sophisticated. Worryingly, a recent paper found that three in four executives had been targeted.

Extortion attempts, disinformation campaigns, and theft are common attack forms.

Social media platforms are increasingly being weaponised to damage the reputation of public figures. Furthermore, the use of digital photo and voice editing tools are emerging as a new avenue to extort money from executives and public figures.

Our Service.

What does our executive security package involve?

Recent research found that 3/4 of executives have been targeted by sophisticated cybercriminals. That’s why our executive security package aims to simulate the attack techniques used by hackers, identify weaknesses in your security, and then remediate any vulnerabilities we find.

Having a well-defined cybersecurity strategy is proven to help you deter, identify, and respond to cyberattacks. Our team of security experts will conduct threat modelling exercises and identify adversaries and threats specific to you. Then, we’ll help you to formulate a robust cybersecurity plan to shield your assets.

During the strategy formulation phase, you’ll tell us what our ethical hackers can and cannot test. For example, you may ask our team to test your mobile phone’s security, but exclude your email accounts and Wi-Fi networks from our assessment. We’ll only test what you ask us to, and under no circumstances will we attempt to gain access to any device or system out with our agreed scope.

The first step in any successful cyberattack is OSINT, otherwise known as open-source intelligence. Cybercriminals will often heavily research your website, social media channels, and online footprint before launching an attack. Even the simple act of uploading an image to your website can be enough for hackers to pin point the exact coordinates of where the photograph was taken!

Therefore, regular OSINT reviews are a crucial element of our executive security package. Through the use of automated tools and manual investigations, our experts will collect publicly exposed information about your organisation, reduce the amount of sensitive information about you floating around on the internet, and help you to enforce information disclosure policies.

After our OSINT review is complete, our team of ethical hackers will attempt to gain access to your phones, computers, email accounts, and social media accounts. The means by which we do this are discussed beforehand, and we never perform exploits that unnecessarily dangerous to your devices.

For example, our ethical hackers can create both broad and targeted phishing campaigns consisting of emails, phone calls, and even in-person visits where appropriate. We’ll then send out a variety of phishing emails, SMS messages, and phone calls to you and those close to you, and attempt to infiltrate your devices. Everyone that’s targeted in our assessments must give written permission beforehand.

Some of the phishing campaigns we send will be simplistic in nature and they should be easy to detect. Others will be highly sophisticated  and are designed to bypass anti-virus software. Our goal is to identify how robust your security is against a variety of exploits and attack techniques, and to identify which areas of your I.T infrastructure require increased security.

Rest assured, no malware will be installed on your computer systems when carrying out our simulated attacks, and your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. 

After our assessments are complete, we’ll upload our report to your client dashboard. Your report will be visible only to you and we have strict security measures in place to protect sensitive information from unauthorised 3rd parties. Upon receiving our report, our team will contact you and explain what vulnerabilities we found, give each vulnerability a risk rating, and work with you to mitigate the most dangerous security risks we identified. 

Finally, we’ll work with you to mitigate the most serious security vulnerabilities we find. This could involve using anonymisation services to protect against eavesdroppers monitoring your internet traffic, installing intrusion detection systems, and firewall configurations.

We’ll implement a ‘defence in depth’ approach; with multiple layers of protection placed between your assets and your adversaries. The choice of methods and technologies we deploy are entirely dependant on the needs of our clients, with each client receiving tailored solutions.


Our simple four step process.


Free consultation with our security experts.

Our initial meeting presents an opportunity to identify threats facing your organisation and plan our assessment correspondingly.


We'll plan our assessment and seek your approval.

You’ll be required to sign our statement of work agreement, which outlines what we can and cannot do during the test. 

STEP Three

Receive real-time reports through your client portal.

Once our assessment begins, you’ll receive real-time feedback on the vulnerabilities we discover in your systems.


We'll help you to remediate vulnerabilities.

Finally, our team of consultants will help you remediate the vulnerabilities we identified during the assessment.


Let's work together to secure your assets.

There’s no harm in talking. Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.