Staff Training.

Equip your staff with the knowledge they need to identify and respond to threats.


Interactive training sessions delivered by our consultants.

Cybercriminals have realised that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to hack into I.T systems using traditional methods. Therefore, they’re increasingly targeting one of the weakest links in organisations: your team, through what’s known in the industry as social engineering.

Social engineering is the act of an attacker manipulating your staff to unwittingly transfer money out of your organisation, install malware on your computers, leak sensitive information, or perform some other action that they wouldn’t otherwise do. And, it’s deadly effective, with one study showing up to 90% of cyberattacks will involve social engineering.

For example, an attacker could spoof your colleague’s email address and send emails from their address. A photograph attached to an email could contain malware, and the simple act of clicking on a link can allow an attacker to hijack your web browser, turn on your webcam, and extract your saved passwords.

It’s therefore vital that your team members are aware of the techniques hackers use to extract sensitive information from your organisation, and that they know how to respond to threats when they arise. 

Blue Matrix Security offers engaging, practical, and workable training sessions delivered by our team of ethical hackers. We combine both in-person workshops and access to our online training portal to give your team a holistic understanding of the threats facing your organisation. More importantly, we encourage your team to take an active role in the security of your organisation; regardless of their role or position.


How can a poorly trained workforce weaken your organisation's security?

Without training, your staff are less likely to recognise and respond to threats.

How can your staff make the distinction between a real email and a spear-phishing attempt? Do your staff know what to do if they think their computer has been compromised? Without proper training, your team are statistically less likely to identify and respond to potential threats.

Social engineering against a company's staff is used in 90% of attacks.

Even unsophisticated cybercriminals can launch social engineering attacks against your organisation with devastating effects. From supply chain attacks to spoofing, attackers have an arsenal of tools and techniques they can use to manipulate your colleagues. 

Inadequate cybersecurity can damage your organisation's reputation.

In the aftermath of a cyberattack, one of the consequences that organisations must contend with is negative media attention. Having inadequate security in place is the perfect subject matter for journalists looking for a headline.

Our Service

What does our training package include?

With Blue Matrix Security, all of our training packages are delivered by our team of ethical hackers. Instead of preaching dry theory, we prefer bringing our training content to life with real demonstrations of how hackers break into I.T systems along with practical guidance on how your team can identify and respond to threats.

We believe that in order to understand how organisations are attacked, you must first know how hackers operate. That’s why our training sessions offer demonstrations of real attacks. For example, we’ll show you how hackers write undetectable malware, embed it within pdf files, and trick an organisation’s staff into opening it. We’ll show you how easy it is to gather a wealth of information on your colleagues and how it can be used in attacks. We’ll explain how hackers ‘spoof’ their email addresses to impersonate members of your organisation, how they hide their IP address, and much more.

We don’t believe in dry theory. Instead, our training content is highly practical; ensuring that your team not only learn the theory behind security policies, but why they are vital to the security of your organisation. Our training workshops combine talks from our cybersecurity consultants with practical activities where your team will identify, report, and respond to suspicious activities. 

Additionally, your team will be given copies of our training booklets and materials, along with access to our online training portal. 

Every organisation has different security needs, and we believe that this should be reflected in your approach to training. Instead of delivering generic material, our training content is highly personalised to the needs of our client. We’ll help you identify who your adversaries are, the means at their disposal, and the assets that you’re trying to protect. We’ll then build our training content around your needs and thereby ensuring that our training content is timely and relevant to members of your organisation.

Our online training portal provides a wealth of cybersecurity-related training content. Your team members will have 24/7 access to our training portal which features video content, quizzes, and downloadable workbooks.


Our simple three step process.


Free consultation with our security experts.

Our initial meeting presents an opportunity to identify the training needs of your employees and prepare our training sessions accordingly. 


We'll deliver our training material around your schedule.

We’ll work around your schedule. You can opt to have our training sessions delivered on a single occasion or over the course of several weeks. 

STEP Three

Access both online and offline training.

Our training includes both online content which can be accessed at any time, along with in-person workshops and demonstrations. 


Let's work together to secure your assets.

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