Wi-Fi Security.

We identify, report, and remediate vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi networks.


Protect your wireless networks from being infiltrated.

As more and more devices depend on a wireless connection to function, cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting poorly configured wireless networks as a springboard for more severe cyberattacks. That’s why it’s imperative that your wireless network is assessed by an ethical hacker to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Using specialist equipment, our team will monitor the traffic flowing through wireless networks in your vicinity, test your router’s configuration, identify the encryption being used, and check for known vulnerabilities with your network’s setup.

You’ll then receive a report containing our findings and recommendations on how to harden the security of your wireless networks. By working with Blue Matrix Security, you are taking the first step towards a more secure Wi-Fi network for your staff and visitors alike. 


What are the risks of having an unsecured wireless network?

Cybercriminals can intercept sensitive information flowing over the network.

Packets being transmitted over a wireless network can easily be intercepted by hackers. If your network is vulnerable, then cybercriminals could eavesdrop on banking details, user credentials, and other forms of sensitive information flowing over your network.

Hackers can inject malicious code into your devices through your Wi-Fi network.

Upon gaining access to your network, hackers can inject malicious code to steal cookies, retrieve user credentials, and hijack your browser. Furthermore, an attacker could exploit DNS spoofing attacks, allowing them to redirect you to websites under the hacker’s control.

Wi-Fi networks are often used as a springboard for serious cyberattacks.

After a hacker gains access to your network, they can begin targeting every client device connected to the network, including computers, phones, printers, CCTV cameras, and much more. This can lead to serious data breaches, with one report suggesting that 72% of data breaches arise from vulnerable wireless networks.

Our Service

What vulnerabilities are we looking for?

Our wifi assessments take place in-person, with an ethical hacker visiting your premises and using our specialist equipment to manually detect vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi network. We assess for vulnerabilities with your encryption, network configuration, and captive portals. We’ll also assess the readiness of your staff to detect and respond to suspicious behaviour.

As packets of data are transmitted over your wireless network, its essential that they are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping from nearby hackers. Therefore, one of the first assessments we conduct is to determine the type of encryption your Wi-Fi network is using and whether or not it can be exploited. Unfortunately, we still encounter some networks that use insecure WEP encryption protocol, which we can easily decrypt. More commonly, we encounter WPA, WPA-2, and WPA-2 Enterprise networks which are more secure, however could be exploited if they are misconfigured.

The placement of your wireless network’s access point is another security factor which cybercriminals can exploit. Our assessment looks at the physical security your business has in place to protect your network’s infrastructure from being tampered with.

Organisations that offer public Wi-Fi networks, such as those offered in cafes, bars, airports, and hotels, can be vulnerable to fake access point & evil twin attacks. These attacks occur when an attacker sets up a malicious wireless network and waits for your staff or customers to connect to it. The hacker will then be able to intercept all the traffic that flows over the network, including user credentials, and even banking information. Thus, in our assessment, we will identify what processes you have in place to detect and mitigate against these attacks.

Having a Wi-Fi network which can transmit data beyond your organisation’s physical premises can make you vulnerable to certain attacks. Thus, our analysis will look at the range of your Wi-Fi and if it has been configured properly. 

Each device on your wireless network is assigned a MAC address to identify it from other devices on the network. However, hackers can ‘spoof’ MAC addresses and access networks which they shouldn’t have access to. Thus, our assessment looks at if your MAC filtering policy is correctly implemented, and whether or not it can be bypassed.


How do I get started?


Free consultation with our security experts.

Our initial meeting presents an opportunity to identify threats facing your organisation and plan our assessment correspondingly.


We'll plan our assessment and seek your approval.

You’ll be required to sign our statement of work agreement, which outlines what we can and cannot do during the test. 

STEP Three

Receive real-time reports through your client portal.

Once our assessment begins, you’ll receive real-time feedback on the vulnerabilities we discover in your systems.


We'll help you to remediate vulnerabilities.

Finally, our team of consultants will help you remediate the vulnerabilities we identified during the assessment.


Let's work together to secure your assets.

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